Client Advantage – Will Never Feel Lost Again

• Removes client statement confusion through a simple one-step process.
• Voice and text responses to all their financial statement questions.
• Direct communication to Advisor through the app’s instant messaging system.
• Clients’ needs addressed through the Remote Inquiry Questions (RIQ) dashboard.

Advisor Advantage – You Know Your Clients Better

• Avoid playing phone tag with clients.
• Insight into your clients’ concerns through monitoring their questions.
• Instant notification and messaging through an Advisor App and RIQ dashboard.
• Greater transparency for FINRA and SEC compliance issues.

Firms Advantage – Greater Protection, Increased AUM, More Revenue

• Financial empowerment for the client and improved connectiveness with Advisor.
• Advisor insight to serve clients better, while documenting regulatory “Best Practices”.
• Increases transparency, while decreasing arbitration with documented RIQ exchanges.
• Financial Firms may increase AUM & revenue with Eyeballs monthly app fee.

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