Bridging the Client/Advisor Customer Service Gap

The Capgemini’s 2019 World Wealth Report researched and surveyed 2,500 high net worth individuals across the globe, asking what is the most important factors in a wealth manager: customer service ranked first above all other in the survey with a 93% rating. *

The Eyeballs Financial RCI (remote client inquiry) dashboard feature enhances the customer service response between the advisor and their client. The RCI dashboard feature gives advisors direct access to their clients’ financial statement questions and concerns about their financial portfolio. By capturing the client’s statement questions through the Eyeballs app, it is delivered to advisor’s secure administrative dashboard giving them insight into what their clients are thinking.

Upon review the advisor can track, reach out and manage all communications, including setting appointments, with their client through the RCI dashboard. Not only will this aid in compliance for SEC and FINRA transparency and disclosures regulations, but also can facilitate more sales or transactions to better serve the clients financial health due to the RCI feedback capability of the Eyeballs app.

Eyeballs Financial app does not give financial or tax advise. We direct those inquires to the app users’ financial or tax specialist. No trade orders or financial advice is given through the Eyeballs Financial application due to SEC regulations.

*Source Business Insider 7/31/19

Contact Mitch Morrison (949) 254-2487, [email protected] for a demonstration of the Eyeballs Financial app and RCI dashboard feature.